Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 2 boot camp...

Today had more activity, although I didn't cave I know I didn't push myself as hard as I needed to. I don't think it is from lack of desire more because I know I haven't really worked out in months so I really don't want an injury.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Boot camp day 1...

Today was more 'getting to know' you and filling out all the legal forms and such.

I get my weigh in tomorrow let's see what is in store for that.

Even with a group of 20 I felt alone because I knew no one and I don't make friends that easy but we will see I got 6 weeks so the camp is still young yet.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boot camp...

Alright my working out has fallen short for a number of different reasons so it's time for reinforcements. I start boot camp next week, nervous and excited but will keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Workout 12-07-2010

Okay, is it really classified as a workout if all you do is walk? I must say I wanted to start on Monday morning but Tuesday it was. You feel really defeated when not one but two men in their 70's easy pass you and not just pass you but pass you by them running and you are trying to just walk it.

I must say the stupidness is still there when I work out, I lost track of how many laps I had done 3 times, so when I didn't know I went with the lesser amount so instead of 18 laps I may have done 21. I don't have a clue where my Nike workout thing is so it's up to me.

None the less I did it, I woke up took forever to get out the door and got there and I did the mileage that has been given to me for my "training" for the half marathon.

Now that I have counteracted what workout I did by buying a bacon egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast, hey not on the plan however the boy needs to have breakfast before school today and since he is not going to daycare because he has his program after school. Hopefully I have a better handle on it next time.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Okay so I have really slacked off, but I have stated it to two witnesses so now I have to mean business. I plan on running a half marathon in May. I know May, so far away, but really I need that time. I plan on getting on the ball this week and getting up again and going out and running (well it will be walking until my stinking cough is gone). I still can't find my missing Nike iPod attachment but I am determined.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3-5 mile walk...

Well when given the choice most people just the easier end, but because I knew I was working out later than I should be I did do the lower end.

I got my Nike iPod sensor so I am back on track.

In an hour of working out I had an average of a 16:49 min/mi pace, I went 3.56 mi, I forgot to set my weight on my new sensor so I don't know the calories but I am 3 pounds lighter than the other weight on the old sensor.

The title for this blog is 60 by 5s, that is because I want to lose 60 pounds and I am trying to do it 5 pounds at a time, I can only keep hoping.

Monday, June 7, 2010

6 weeks training...

Ah, yes my first night working out. Well I didn't do what was planned, more because I am terrible at judging distances and I am more successful at working out when I have a quantifiable workout (maybe not the word I want to use but let's remember I turn more stupid when I work out, not that I am smart), but I need a record of my work outs for me to feel more successful

I already new my iPod Nike work out tracker thing wasn't working so I tried three stores to find a new one, very unsuccessful.

I recommended going out to eat to get a burger and fries (I was hungry and was scared the salad would not have been large enough for me, which it would have worked once I saw someone else order it).

I had started just a little later than I wanted to and because I wasn't recording I think I went a little less than what I could have pushed myself. Now really I did feel the burn for a better part of the workout so that has to stand for something right? I think I started to slow down after I had decided to look at a house that was for sale in the part of town that I dream of living in so I wanted to see what I could not afford.

Good things about the workout...

I started!!!!

I didn't cheat myself out of the route I was planning on taking and I walked the dog afterwards too. She did poop twice on that walk and I ran out of bags so I had to make really good use of the one bag.

I was sprinkling rain, it was really nice, helped me to cool off, it was wonderful!

I found a quarter!!!!

I stopped some punk ass kids from fighting in the church parking lot, of course after I was talking to them it seemed they were playing around (although I still question it but they all seemed to sincerely agree so I carried on).

Over all I had fun and I stared, what else can I ask for?